We had the amazing experience working with Nick from Westerberg & Associates and his team to create this in-depth 4 tiered online classes.

Nick and his team were looking for a great way for him to maximize his time and combat the loss of income due to covid preventing him traveling to his clients to teach his courses.

He reached out to our team at Cannon Studio 7 and the rest is history.

Once we had the idea, we had several consultations with Nick and his team to create a online course that truly embodied his teaching characteristics and would help the student retain as much as possible.

The entire course was filmed in our studio in Spokane WA.

When Nick and his team had their first viewing they where very excited to see we had created an experience that felt like Nick and his positive energy was in the room with them.

Once the filming had been completed and the editing in progress, we created a fully customizable course website where we uploaded all their videos, images, and more.

Each student has their own account and Nick and his team can track each student’s progress and contact them directly through the website to assist them.

Each chapter has a quiz at the end.


See how we set up their sales funnel for conversions and experience the content below:

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